Campare – IFB Top Load Washing Machine VS LG Top Load Washing Machine

Washing machine has become a necessity for everyone these days. They have made our lives easier without any wastage of time and energy. There are many brands that are manufacturing washing machines. There are types that are available like front load, top load, fully automatic and semi-automatic. There are extra features that you can customize according to your need. With innovation in technology, there are many features that are getting released into market which are suitable for latest fabric too. With many brands that are available in market, 2 of them top the list – IFB and LG. In this article, we will compare both of them so that you can take a decision on which one to buy.

Camper IFB Top Load Washing Machine OR LG Top Load Washing Machine

  • IFB top load washing machine is one of the globally reputed brand. It has introduced front load washing machines along with the traditional top load and have significantly topped the market. In India, they are occupying around 40% of sales which is huge. LG is a south Korean brand and is quite popular all over India. They make 32% of the market which is slightly less than the IFB brand.
  • LG is popular among the top loading washing machines. They are not quite good at front loading. They even add new technologies to make their top loading the best. On the other hand, IFB is famous for its front load washing machines also called as smart loading.
  • There are number of styles of motion types in LG top load washing machine. They include scrubbing, swinging, tumbling and rolling too. In some of the models, you might get 6 types making your washing experience much cleaner and smarter. IFB have different washing styles available like Cradle wash, O-2 wash, air bubble wash, steam wash and 360-degree wash available in front load washing machines mostly.
  • IFB introduced Aqua Energy Technology which helps to convert hard water to soft water. This is a very good feature that addresses the problem in India. It also helps to keep your fabric soft and gentle. LG has Twinwash technology, which is unique for the brand. This technology specifically contains 2 drums for washing segregating the washing space. Both the technologies are great and unique to their brands.
  • Washing time in IFB is less compared to LG brand. The high speed and frequency which is variable in IFB makes it top compared to other brands. In LG, there is a special cycle along with the other cycles called steam allergen cycle. It has 3 steps – allergen sanitization, allergen removal and allergen dissolution. This makes sure that the clothes doesn’t contain any common allergens left. 

These are the unique features of each brand. Based on your liking you can select one which suits more for your needs. In short, if you are looking for budget and front load options, IFB is a better choice. It also is economical regarding electricity consumption and other washing options. On the other hand, if you are looking for best top loading option with quality and technology, LG is your best choice. 


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